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Born in Anchorage,Alaska. His family has live in many states because his father served in the USAF. His musical journey started after his first and only keyboard lesson, recording a bass line that was taught to him by a musician Doc T for a junior high school talent show with two talented friends in Goldsboro, NC. After his dad retired they moved to his home town of Greensboro,NC. He wanted to be a solo artist but joined a talented singing group for a few years. After the group disbanded he continued to write and produce local singers and worked on developing his own craft. Influenced by many styles of music R&B,Pop,Dance, Rock and Blues. After performing in his self produced variety show "Tonights Entertainment" he began to focus on his solo career. After one of the shows one of the audience members tells him she liked his performance and that he is a good showman you got good showmanship so he adopted the name Mr.Showmanship. One of his goals is to inspire others with his gift of entertainment. 

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